Black Faced Sheep
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Black Faced Sheep Crosses
The cracks in these chunks of wood were once considered to be flaws and therefore undesirable to most woodworkers.  My talented husband, a woodworker at heart,  sees the cross within these flawed pieces of wood and it never fails to amaze me. These cracks, once the weakest point in the wood are transformed with beautiful turquoise to now create the wood's greatest point of strength.   The turquoise that fills these cracks and gives the wood its extraordinary beauty is much like God in our lives.  His grace fills our brokenness and transforms our flaws into our utmost source of beauty and strength. If only we could let God have full control to freely fill all the cracks in our life.   And instead of focusing on how many cracks He's having to fill, rejoice in the beauty and strength of those very flaws that have now become God's signature of His grace in our life.  

When people come, in person, to pick out a cross, they often have trouble deciding which one they want. We always tell them to relax and let the cross pick you. So take your time and look through the crosses available. We are sure one will call to you. 

Made with love, prayed over before it leaves his hands, and sure to bless you or the recipient. 
High quality 
Made in the USA
Crosses are made from a variety of woods.  These are some examples of the different woods that may be available.  Each cross will be unique and although some can be copied, no two crosses will ever be alike. 
Crosses can also be made without the turquoise inlay.  
Russian Olive Wood
Rough Walnut
Standing Walnut
Wood Heart
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